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Steve Weiss

Steve grew up with a heavy interest in science, math, and building things – inspired in part by his grandfather, a watchmaker.


His love of tech led him to MIT for his Bachelors and Masters in Computer Science, and four summers at IBM’s and HP’s research labs. Research was great, but he wanted something more practical and moved into product development, where he helped develop Personal Card File for the HP150 Touchscreen in 1983 – probably it’s sexiest use of touch (see it at 0:09-0:16 in HP’s first-ever TV commercial; see the patent). 


While developing PCF, Steve got to work with sales, marketing and customers – and thought it was fun. This led to Steve’s move to marketing, business development and general management, initially at HP, followed by Ingres (through ten-fold growth to an IPO), an AI company, and a $50M software P&L, before co-founding Grey Heron with Chris in 1993.


Since 2005, Steve has been focused on climatetech, energy and renewables, building on his experience in software, SaaS, electronic commerce, supply chain, digital rights management, networking and more. Steve speaks regularly at conferences and on webinars, publishes articles, and is a proud member of the ABLC Due Diligence Wolfpack. See Steve’s LinkedIn profile for more details.


Thank you Grandpa


This site is dedicated to my grandfather… a watchmaker who sparked a love for building things and gave me my first soldering iron at age five. Miss you grandpa…

single-handedly made us the hottest thing in cleantech

one of the most-read and compelling strategy gurus


Chris Kocher

Chris brings the consummate general manager lens to our consulting and advisory work, combining strategic perspective with hands-on operating experience.


Chris was a marketing executive at HP (where he met Steve), pioneering their first laser printer, first PC, and third-party software initiatives. Later, he was VP/GM at fast-growing Symantec.


Today, Chris focuses on cloud and SaaS software, and e-commerce, with crossover to climatetech and advanced materials firms with respect to business models, sales and fundraising. Chris earned his MBA from Columbia University in marketing and international business, and continues to travel extensively internationally. See Chris’ LinkedIn profile for more details.


Thanks mom and dad


Just wanted to give a shout out to my parents – who gave me an appreciation of different countries, cultures and perspectives that I can apply to improving client success – and my love of biking.

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