Serious Materials
"Steve helped make Serious Materials one of the hot companies in cleantech and helped attract top-tier investors. He consistently walks through walls to deliver."

Kevin Surace, CEO 

“Chris was critical to our revenue growth. He improved our value proposition and key benefit messages; drafted a marketing plan; spearheaded new revenue opportunities; and worked with sales to simplify the sales process."

Geva Perry

what clients say

“passionate, hard working and dedicated... He has a natural gift with people and inspires confidence and motivation…"

Thomas Engdahl 
(acquired by Comcast)

"Chris helped us rigorously analyze our channel partners to profile them for new revenue opportunities. This resulted in our developing much more targeted and effective channel sales and marketing programs."

Chad Reese

General Magic
"Steve helped create and execute a business plan that successfully turned the company around. Great out-of-the-box thinking, terrific product management skills, passion, focus and a very pragmatic approach made Steve a key addition to the exec team."

Steve Markman, CEO

‘tightened our strategy and allowed us to close a follow-on round’

Dennis Stradford, CEO
(aquired by i2)
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​“Steve has the leadership to inspire an organization to create a whole new business venture.”

Tammy Baker
VP, Product Development 

"Chris did a great job as VP of Marketing and Sales. He helped us refine our strategy, hired the sales and marketing teams, developed all the marketing and demand generation programs and built up the sales funnel to reach major F1000 accounts.” 

Levy Cohen
"Chris is a great resource and advisor whom I have worked with multiple times over the years. He can jumpstart new initiatives and make an impact." 

John Orcutt
VP/GM, Managed Home 
Global Business Unit

Neuron Data/Fair Isaac 
“Steve is the best enabler for sales whom I have ever known personally—and he’s not afraid to get his owns hands dirty when it's execution time."

Mike Humphries
Oracle's first VP, OEM Sales
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“Chris helped us launch in the US. He identified a CEO, positioned the company, and developed the right marketing strategy. In two years the company tripled its revenues." 

Jerome Fougerat
(acquired by LogLogic)
"Grey Heron has been essential to us getting so far, so fast."

Greg Drew, founder and CEO (developed business strategy, 
helped raise $120M )

"Steve’s fresh look at our strategy helped to accelerate our go-to-market plan—making us more fundable and more attractive to partners. His work on positioning, messaging and visibility made a night and day difference in making Genomatica a clear, emerging leader, and helped in closing a $45M financing."

Christophe Schilling, CEO