Grey Heron has helped over 100 companies since 1993

Our successes include:

Streamlined commercialization plan, saving 2+ years; facilitated $45M financing. Revamped positioning & messaging. Boosted visibility. Seen as one of ‘hottest companies’.
"a night and day difference"
Led maker of green building materials to unrivaled visibility and awards two years 
before products. Repositioned company 
while doubling sales of existing products.  
“single-handedly [made] us… the hottest thing in cleantech”
Built business plan for next major market.  

Quickly assessed marketing and sales situation. Refined value proposition and key messages. Developed ROI model and streamlined sales process.
“accelerated our key marketing and sales initiatives… critical to revenue growth”
Identified key competitive challenges within core partnering ecosystem. Recommended new revenue opportunities and designed programs.
“much more targeted and effective channel programs”
Helped recraft OEM strategy and rewrote business plan to raise $18M for maker of portable fuel cells. IPO on AIIM market

Sparked and executed turnaround. Stock rose from $1 to $18, adding $500M in value.
“successfully turned the company around”
Helped refine strategy and validate value proposition for early leader in federated identity management. Acquired by Oracle.

Fleshed out business and marketing strategy. Delivered 140% of customer acquisition targets. Acquired by Comcast.
"passionate, hard working and dedicated… inspires confidence 
and motivation
Redirected product/company strategy of this early e-commerce company, and identified new growth opportunities. IPO, with value rising to $2B.

Helped with enterprise strategy and business model. Acquired for $380M by i2.
‘"[helped] us close a follow-on round"
Interim CMO. Built processes, team 
and sales funnel.
“threw himself in and contributed”
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Identified revenue drivers. Implemented 
new systems for greater transparency 
and forecast accuracy.
"greater transparency to project revenues and stay ahead of the curve"
Additional clients include HP, Cisco, Icynene, ARXX, Lunera, Xicato, and Visa.